Work Experience


The Underground Collaborative
Manager and Founder (April 2012 – Present)

Responsible for planning, directing, and overseeing building operations and services. Analyzes utility bills and energy output, allocates office space to departments, purchases equipment, and maintains appearance of building.


  • Oversee all facility operations including rentals and productions.
  • Organize production, rehearsal, meeting and lounge spaces.
  • Allocate office space.
  • Perform facility maintenance and upgrades
  • Implement programs and provide leadership.
  • Lead staff and volunteers
  • Maintain vendor relationships.

Milwaukee Comedy, Inc.
Creative Producer and Founder (January 2008 – Present)

Responsible for guiding all creative and content planning, community management and live show development, along with working with creative team members to conceive and develop new content and feature ideas, communicate the creative vision to external development partners, production, support, technology and marketing team members as needed to facilitate product development.

  • Producer and Creative Lead
  • Show and Event implementation and coordination.
  • Event Development.
  • Consultation: Event Planning, Production Management, Team Building, Creative Marketing

Pink Banana Theatre Co.
Artistic Producer (January 2006 – Present)


  • Ensure quality of company image including productions, marketing and artistic endeavors.
  • Oversee marketing manager, creative manager, & technical director.
  • Contract space utilization and coordinate any insurance and permits.


  • Choose Artistic Season and Directors in collaboration with creative committee leadership and members
  • Oversee the hiring and recruitment of Technical Designers and Crew

Milwaukee Comedy Festival
Producer and Founder (July 2005 – Present)

Founder, Producer and Creative Lead for the largest comedy event in Wisconsin. Creation, implementationand management of all aspects of annual event ensuring quality and wide-spread exposure, with focus on the collaboration and development of new comedy


  • Recruit and book a wide variety of talent, both locally, nationally and internationally to help new performers get discovered and treat the audience to past favorites.
  • Conceptualize, develop and implement all marketing materials
  • Develop budget and timeline for large-scale event
  • Manage all staff, volunteers, video & production crews, and security.
  • Coordinate venue location and implementation
  • Coordinate box office services and front of house management duties.
  • Oversee all logistics of event implementation
  • Oversee all day of event activities

Next Act Theatre
Marketing and PR Manager (January 2008 – May 2012)

  • Responsible for promoting and building awareness of the Milwaukee-based professional theatre company that focuses on intimate and powerful productions.
  • Oversee the concepting, design and implementation of all marketing materials (show posters, print ads, press releases, televised PSAs and radio spots) to ensure the organization’s message remains consistent.
  • Develop the marketing plan on an annual basis, always completing it, both on time and under budget.
  • Handle promotional initiatives for shows including creation of severel email campaigns and press kits.
  • Coordinate box office services and numerous house management duties, including having posters, postcards and programs designed and printed.
  • Manage the organization’s social media presence, including its Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.
  • Create and design promotional materials, including flyers, brochures, letterhead and websites in an effort to gain more exposure.
  • Manage, edit and distribute the organization’s printed quarterly newsletter and website.