Interviewing W. Kamau Bell

I am excited about a new opportunity that came up with WUWM Radio! This has been in the works for a little while, so I needed to wait until it was official. They have invited me to co-produce a new comedy interview segment as part of the WUWM@Nite series. W.KamauBell

Thanks goes out to the amazing WUWM producers Rachel Owens and Bruce Winter for the opportunity. I have been very fortunate over the years to have appeared on television and have been interviewed on the radio numerous times, but this project marks the first time I am doing the interviewing.

My first segment is with national comedian W. Kamau Bell, who’s going to be performing in Milwaukee. I got the chance to chat with him about his TBS show, touring as a comedian and working with Chris Rock.

As part of our new comedy segment, Milwaukee Comedy’s Matt Kemple spoke with Bell about working with Chris Rock, his new tour, breaking from his show, Totally Biased, and why he chose Denzel Washington as the focus for his new podcast, Denzel Washington is the Greatest Actor of All Time Period.

Check out the full interview here:

And be on the lookout for future interviews with local and national talent on WUWM