Comedy Success with the SBDC

Despite this being a “personal website”, I don’t really get very personal on here.  But my recent experiences have given me the opportunity to reflect on the path I have chosen for myself and some of the success I have encountered.  I have been working with the Wisconsin SBDC for about two years, a small business support organization.  With the assistance of Kathy Orr, I have been able to look at my company Milwaukee Comedy from an outside perspective.  She helped me better define my goals and helped answer a lot of the questions I was asking myself as a small business owner.

A while back they asked to film me for a short segment about Milwaukee Comedy, and had an opportunity to see the end result today!

SBDC Success Story: Milwaukee Comedy
Milwaukee Comedy logo
Milwaukee Comedy is one of several comedy venues in the Milwaukee area, but owner Matt Kemple prides his business on its variety and unique qualities. Founded nine years ago, the comedy venue provides live entertainment, workshops and classes and is a resource for local comedians.

Take a look at the video to learn a bit about my experience.

I owe a tremendous thanks to Kathy and the SBDC! Thank you!

Applebees “You Call the Shots” Project!

I had a very unique and exciting experience working with Jonathan Brewer, Applebees and Attention Era Media on the concept for their hit “You Call the Shots” campaign. It was a fun project, and I felt downright honored to be a part of the creative team that put the concept together.

The idea, dubbed “You Call the Shots”, was to present World Champion trick bartender Christian Delpech performing tricks based on suggestions via Twitter and the #SpiritedChef hashtag. He was then filmed performing these tricks. I think they turned out pretty cool, check it out below: