Matt and Dobie Maxwell on Fox6

I had a great time on Fox6 Milwaukee talking about the Milwaukee Comedy Festival with the very funny Dobie Maxwell!

You can see the clip below:

I choose Dobie to join me on Fox6 because he’s talented, works hard, and does what he says he will. I often just think about what might be the best fit, as opposed to who might appreciate the job more. DOB was excellent on the show, and he took the time to write a very nice post on his Dented Can Diary blog. Here are a few excerpts, but I encourage you to take a look at the entire post here.

I had to be in Milwaukee by 9am to be on a TV show called ‘Real Milwaukee’ to help promote The Milwaukee Comedy Festival which runs this coming weekend. It’s a well run event that was started by a guy named Matt Kemple eight years ago, and has continued to grow with each year.

…. Matt asked me to be a part of it years ago, and I’ve been there whenever my schedule allows. He’s an outstanding promoter and a sincere person, so anything I can do to support his and his team’s efforts is my pleasure.

He could have chosen anyone to be a representative sampling, but of all the acts he singled me out and that’s a huge honor. …. There was no way I would turn down such a flattering gesture.

…I’ve had a few experiences where shows I’ve been on have not had nice hosts, and that can be a chore instead of the fun treat it should be. This was worth my trip. Just as I felt chemistry on The Morning Blend with Molly and Tiffany, I felt the same with Katrina and Cassandra. They get it.

Matt Kemple gets it as well, and that’s why I’ll go out of my way to help him with anything he should need me to do. He and his team have put together a fabulous event that keeps on growing, and hopefully they will keep having me back. I love to be a part of things like this whenever I am able, as they’re always a win/win proposition. It’s also great to be able to do it in my home town.