Comedy in the Shepherd

It’s a wonderful thing when your talents are recognized.  It’s especially fun when the media picks up on it!  There is a great write up in this weeks Shepherd Express by Tea Krulos about the underground comedy scene. I was interviewed as an expert on the subject along with Milwaukee Comedy.

Here is a little from the article:

The space is also home to Milwaukee Comedy, the production company run by Matt Kemple. A comedian and producer, Kemple is celebrating the 10th anniversary of his Milwaukee Comedy Festival this year, Aug. 6-9. He says the growing independent comedy shows are the sign of a strengthening scene.

“One of the best things we have is the community itself. It’s supportive; there are a lot of people that want the scene to survive and want to work with other comedians,” Kemple explains. “A number of years ago, people would drive to Chicago to see comedy. They wouldn’t even pretend to think it was happening in town. That’s not the case anymore.


We did this interview a while ago, so it was a nice surprise when it came out this week. It’s worth the read. You can take a look at the entire article here.

Milwaukee Record Podcast

Milwaukee RecordIt was really wonderful to hang out with Tyler Maas of the Milwaukee Record on the On The Record podcast! The hilarious Allison Dunn also joined us for a lively conversation on the Milwaukee comedy scene.

We talked about how much the comedy scene has grown, and the support of other comics, along with jokes and and general fun.

Here is a snippet from  the Milwaukee Record here:

In the second installment of On The Record, host Tyler Maas went down to the basement of the Grand Avenue Mall and spoke with longtime champion of Milwaukee comedy, Milwaukee Comedy Festival co-founder, and occasional WUWM radio personality Matt Kemple at his Underground Collaborative performance venue, along with uproariously funny local comedian/Levity Radio co-host Allison Dunne. The conversation ranges from how much the scene has improved of late, the city’s reluctance to accept homegrown comedy, and what should be done to shorten the gap between local and touring comedians.

Give the full interview a listen here:

Talking Comedy with LJN

I had a great time talking with Tim Muma and the Local Job Network about the comedy industry recently. It’s exciting to talk about what I love and this podcast was really unique for me. I didn’t have to focus on an upcoming show I am trying to promote, I was able to discuss how I have contributed to the comedy industry as a whole and where I think it is going. It was a lot of fun!

Check out the entire interview right here.pic_logo

Here is the description from the website:

We’re taking a look at the comedy industry and examining the details of this unique community, and for those interested, what it takes to succeed. Matt Kemple, live events producer for Milwaukee Comedy and the founder of the Milwaukee Comedy Festival, joins Tim Muma to give us an inside look at the various avenues one can take within comedy. He also describes the scene as a whole and the many great options for fans of the comedic arts.

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Interviewing W. Kamau Bell

I am excited about a new opportunity that came up with WUWM Radio! This has been in the works for a little while, so I needed to wait until it was official. They have invited me to co-produce a new comedy interview segment as part of the WUWM@Nite series. W.KamauBell

Thanks goes out to the amazing WUWM producers Rachel Owens and Bruce Winter for the opportunity. I have been very fortunate over the years to have appeared on television and have been interviewed on the radio numerous times, but this project marks the first time I am doing the interviewing.

My first segment is with national comedian W. Kamau Bell, who’s going to be performing in Milwaukee. I got the chance to chat with him about his TBS show, touring as a comedian and working with Chris Rock.

As part of our new comedy segment, Milwaukee Comedy’s Matt Kemple spoke with Bell about working with Chris Rock, his new tour, breaking from his show, Totally Biased, and why he chose Denzel Washington as the focus for his new podcast, Denzel Washington is the Greatest Actor of All Time Period.

Check out the full interview here:

And be on the lookout for future interviews with local and national talent on WUWM